Kyiv Classic Orchestra – is more than fifteen years of exciting creative experience which musicians are happy to share with their faithful fans and music connoisseurs.

The orchestra, conducted by Maestro Herman Makarenko, was created in Kyiv in 2004 and performed for the first time in the Grand Hall of UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. This event had defined the repertoire of a music team that easily crosses borders of eras, genres, and countries.

Classical melodies of Western European composers, the best samples of religious music, innovative interpretations of Ukrainian masterpieces, premieres of contemporary authors worldwide... There is much more one can meet in the Kyiv Classic Orchestra's repertoire.
The orchestra lives with the life of a big city, which identifies itself as a part of the world. The Day of Kyiv is widely celebrated here and «New Year between Two Bell Towers» on Sofiyivska Square is always greeted with music. People take part in cultural events of Arsenal and raise funds for the construction of «Ohmatdit» during a rooftop concert. They think of the future of the planet not only on the World Environment Day, and annually celebrate the United Nations Day.

For each special occasion, the Kyiv Classic Orchestra finds new music – and it is always music of positive emotions that evokes hope, interest, inspiration, joy, pride, reverence, gratitude and love.

Highlight what is vital for you. That's the essence of all Herman Makarenko's projects.

Concert Premiere
Appoints a meeting to Kyiv and suggests an introduction to the culture of different nations, whose authentic music is being performed in Ukraine for the first time. The Kyiv Classic Orchestra embodies a keen interest in learning new societies and feels proud of its country.
Confession of Love
Is an opera and ballet program – the ode to love. Musicians are excited to create a new romantic holiday with music.
The New Year Strauss Concert
Every winter this mood of Christmas celebrations brings the joy of the Vienna Ball. It warms up with the best hopes for the New Year, and the Kyiv Classic Orchestra fills the festive evening with pure inspiration.
After all, the musicians go on tours to Italy, France, Belgium, Norway, Czech Republic, China, Egypt, and Iran to bring to Kyiv even more positive emotions, bright ideas, and a new spirit of music.